Canary Character

Constantly putting out fires?

Chaos Canary will help you avoid chaos by giving you confidence that your systems are healthy and reminding you what to do about it as soon as they aren't.

Continuous Integration
beyond your Build Server.



Using Chaos Canary is easy...

  • Choose something in your team's environment that you care about (database, webservice, filesystem etc)
  • Tell Chaos Canary about it, and what to do if it fails or gets into an dodgy state
  • A Canary will keep an eye on it for you
  • If something bad happens then Chaos Canary will let you know, and remind you what to do about it

Chaos Canary is installed and run completely locally, inside your own network, so only you access to your data.

Behind the scenes

Our Canaries have already be trained to recognise...


If the database servers you rely on are alive (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase), or check the results of a SQL/MDX query.

File Systems

If a file is less than a certain age or a folder contains the expected files.

Web Services

If the web services you depend on are alive.


If FTP/SFTP folders are available, network sockets are open or AD accounts your team relies on still exist.


If servers are within disk/process usage boundaries, a process is not running longer than it should or a Windows service is running.

Extensible Platform

More coming soon, they're quick learners. And, there's a simple plugin architecture so you can add your own custom Canaries very easily.

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